Take a picture of the road!

I love travelling. It’s even more fun when they place is beautiful surrounded by nature. All the turns and twists reveals a new landscape to take in. I think journey is more interesting than reaching destination as it takes you to unprecedented ways on your travel.

How to take amazing captures on the road?

Trust me guys I know it’s very frustrating to not stop the car every now and then to take pictures of beautiful views. So, you have to capture it from inside the car which is fast moving like 100kms/hour lol (thats dangers, don’t do it unless your speed limit allows you to)

So get going pals. Take up your camera, turn the shutter speed all the way up, better to use manual focus for desired results! Or move it to sports mode, make sure the HDR background detailing is on if you want sharp background!

It’s better to take raw images so you don’t lose any small detail that would have been enhanced with post processing. Or, use the largest JPEG format possible. Give them some edits, apply some filters, color gradients and boom!! upload!

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