My first attempt to capture the stars!

Well night sky is beautiful. This is always in my bucket list to capture the night sky. Well, I couldn’t manage the time or equipment to do so.

So, I got out this time, away from the city where the light pollution makes us blind. I went out there, as I way trying to capture my first image, I was struggling to capture enough light. But as soon as I did some work around, I was amazed at the results.

Soon after, I looked up and was stunned to see so many details as my eyes adjusted to the light.

First location was a little bit crowded with trees and I couldn’t get the clear shot I was looking for. Then, the next location was amazing. It was a beach, open, very little trees with definite views.

Not bad for a first timer though, huh!

What could go wrong with the fifteen second long exposure right? Well car lights passing by! 😦

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